Trey Ratcliff ( @treyratcliff )

12:14 PM Sep 13, 2017
I went to go see a 70-piece orchestra and ballet at the Tree of Tenere hosted by Robot Heart. I thought I got there early, but I was not early enough to get a good seat. So I roamed around the periphery to take photos of happy people, like this guy... It's really awesome to be surrounded by thousands upon thousands of truely happy people. #Burningman #Burningman2017 #blackrockcity #umbrella #parasol. #portrait




  • @lrmcreative 1:07 PM Sep 13, 2017

    Amazing shot. Mind giving my account a look? I'm an aspiring photographer / writer from Canada :D thanks!

  • @griffinstellhorn 4:06 PM Sep 13, 2017

    It's one of the best feelings in the world! It just makes you happy! All it takes is a smile! 💚💚💚

  • @demerson_reis 1:09 AM Sep 14, 2017

    Great shot

  • @loucaithness 7:40 AM Sep 14, 2017

    Those 👀💙

  • @antpruitt 11:14 AM Sep 14, 2017

    Great message and SO TRUE

  • @thomasrondello2 11:53 AM Sep 14, 2017

    He reminds me of a guy named Mulholland or is that Sepulveda?

  • @cobrabusadventures 8:59 PM Sep 24, 2017

    We saw this gentleman, too. Such style and depth!