Sonia Tetlow ( @sonicgrrl )

12:11 PM Oct 5, 2017
Today marks the official release of the first single off of my new album that is coming out next month. Much of the album is an exploration of time and reconciling memories of the past to live in the present. The song "Now" is sort of the culmination of this exploration and both poses the question - could it be - and declares - no more wasting - now. During these heavy days when the sadness of tragic and incomprehensible events can feel overwhelming, music helps me through. So I humbly offer this song with the hope that it'll both take you away for a moment and help you celebrate the moment. Life is short and all we really have is right now. Breathe. Be present with those you love. Rock out and dance:) Thanks for listening! Please share! Produced and bass by @benjaminryanbass Engineered by @lukecampolieta Drums and vocals by @birminslam Keys by @matt_henderso_n Electric guitar by Jimmy Bones McAlpin Additional backing vocals by @seershamusic Available on Spotify, etc. and CDBaby:



  • @amandalawson77 1:11 PM Oct 5, 2017

    Love the song!

  • @jeyre1 2:14 PM Oct 5, 2017

    Sonia! Jeremy and I are in ATL this weekend-- I don't suppose you have a show scheduled?!

  • @benjaminryanbass 2:26 PM Oct 5, 2017

    Sooooo excellent!!

  • @sonicgrrl 3:05 PM Oct 7, 2017

    @jeyre1 hi! I'm afraid not. Was supposed to be in New Orleans but a hurricane has thwarted my plans! How are y'all doing? I hope you are well!!

  • @sonicgrrl 3:05 PM Oct 7, 2017

    @amandalawson77 thanks so much for listening!