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5:12 PM Jan 12, 2018
Moments ago at a @WhiteHouse event honoring Martin Luther King Day, @SecretaryCarson offered a message of unity.



  • @teresarmontanarobinson 4 days ago

    I just ❤️you.

  • @tahoe_bill 4 days ago


  • @donnaann7 4 days ago

    Dr Carson, you’re so AWESOME!!! What truth!!

  • @time_to_connect 4 days ago

    What a great man, tossed into a world of hate, in a world of the worse kind of political conception created by political gain, and yet this man finds good in humans from a pure heart

  • @lcasal7768 4 days ago

    Color does not matter ! Do not break our Federal Laws !! Rewrite them !! Without law Anarchy ! Not good 🔥in my heart for change in legal ways !

  • @debbieparker67 4 days ago

    @fisherjones516 you are the one who dislikes themselves. Dr. Carson seems very happy.

  • @big_texxas 4 days ago

    @_peaker please stop! Get over yourself with the reverse racism! Get put in slavery, share cropping,Jim crow, then segregation. Then let all the effects of the trickle down generations to present and then I will here your story... Black are not racist they may be bitter and so time retaliate

  • @big_texxas 4 days ago

    @_peaker But Racist? Naw.... That word belongs to and for your ppl...

  • @_peaker 4 days ago

    @big_texxas so your saying backs can not be racist. And have you beem in slavery...i think not racism works both ways.

  • @big_texxas 4 days ago

    No you see bc you are white and that's the way you are taught. Like I said you are wired to think the way you are. This is really simple! If I say I hate white ppl I am probably saying it bc of what that race of ppl have caused is to endure. If you hate black ppl it's bc you think you are better bc bc we put you though anything. If you said you hate them for any reason that may be negative. Well can trace all negative things back to white ppl and their oppression. So that would make any comment you make racist. All this is based off the true meaning of racist and racism. Look up the meaning...

  • @stedesgeo 3 days ago

    I miss Dr. Carson!

  • @mngirl150128 3 days ago

    You are so right Dr. Carson. We are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

  • @cecil1234 3 days ago

    Uncle bends cabin!

  • @wavyellis_203 3 days ago

    This guy’s a joke. #WhiteWashed.

  • @audtinedo 3 days ago

    Amen, Dr. Carson.

  • @ofgodandcountry 3 days ago

    @wavyellis_203 if by White washed you mean better off and wiser, yes.

  • @bobsacard 3 days ago

    Ben Carson is such a good man

  • @59taragirl 3 days ago

    God Bless Him, he’s an inspiration , too bad more don’t think like he does.

  • @randalllhorst 3 days ago

    I count Dr. Carson as a brother!! God Bless you and your family!!!!

  • @jacquelinebrooks9578 3 days ago

    I love Dr Ben Carson. I wish we had all black like him.

  • @regalismyname 3 days ago

    @_peaker was I lying about what white people did or am I lying??

  • @_peaker 3 days ago

    Yes you are wuat we did to the indians is no different then what had been doing to eachother for ever.

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  • @douglascarter005k 2 days ago

    Amen !

  • @jinawellington 2 days ago

    Profound statement

  • @65stormyweather 2 days ago

    Don’t forget us Sisters too

  • @paullaperriere 2 days ago

    I respect and admire you Dr. Carson. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and hitting homeruns 💪🇺🇸💪

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  • @she_bought_a_34_wagon yesterday

    Love Ben Carson!

  • @showerdoorguy24 yesterday

    Amen Brother!

  • @ernestehayes yesterday

    Romney - Carson for 2020

  • @meemesto8 yesterday

    Love U Ben. ❤️U R Awesome.

  • @damion.brown1223 yesterday

    ? Uncle Tom ? White Washed? Why because he is educated? He speaks clearly? He isn't a pants sagging black man? So any black man that doesn't agree with democrats or the typical I can't get ahead because of my race mentality is an uncle Tom? Damn so many wealthy Black men and women are SOL! They decided to make their lives better and are ridiculed for it.

  • @nananwoke 19 hours ago

    American is becoming great again under the watch of God through President Donald Trump.. For expect the Lord build a nation the builders build in vain..

  • @octlady45 7 hours ago

    Love this guy!!❤