Moments ago, President @realDonaldTrump tweeted about his alleged crude comments during immigration negotiations in the Oval Office.



  • @ruby8265 yesterday

    If they don’t get their way they lie.

  • @vickielansky_ yesterday

    @deetledubs Happened to me here on Instagram too.

  • @fuzzypinksocks yesterday

    @mimi_eldri such a sad “explanation” that you can’t possibly believe.

  • @slohrum83 yesterday

    @splatrick68 Bingo

  • @slohrum83 yesterday

    @sossiassilian Bingo.

  • @bobmcdonald4332 yesterday

    @sossiassilian it certainly appears the goal is create to anger and truly never to resolve anything. It is like the stock market. Money is made in a volatile market and apparently political power is amassed the same way.

  • @mimi_eldri yesterday

    @tonytonito123 Exactly

  • @franceshaser yesterday

    @deetledubs neither will Instagram.. they block anything you say against liberals!!

  • @franceshaser yesterday

    @terriberliner not on instagram or Twitter,,,, they will not posts if it’s negative about liberals

  • @cwalkerphoto yesterday

    It is not Trump's fault that these kids have had their entire lives to get their paperwork in order and failed to do so...

  • @sandygleespen 21 hours ago

    The great meeting on Tuesday was too good...they had to stage a massive upheaval. #itwasstaged

  • @carol.russo.944 20 hours ago

    Plenty of time to apply for citizenship. They did not.

  • @vanessa.cornelius 16 hours ago

    @ssweetin1125 you are an idiot. You don’t know what you’re talking about

  • @pose2shoot 16 hours ago

    @carboclimber you look like a pedophile - based on your type, you probably are

  • @carboclimber 14 hours ago

    @pose2shoot clearly you're a mentally deranged bigot. You're a loser

  • @itsmeavc 14 hours ago

    @nan_the_gr8 ya that's what you call harsh....

  • @bobc3rd 12 hours ago

    Talk any way you want MR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @patferebee 9 hours ago

    @illianxo22 you did not read that right! Reread

  • @patferebee 9 hours ago

    @jeb5319 I’m good! Thanks!

  • @patferebee 9 hours ago

    @ellie_fn sorry. I have been lucky and lived a good life! I am BLESSED. A good positive attitude served me well!

  • @patferebee 9 hours ago

    @_marshab_ go sit and talk will him. You will be so impressed!

  • @patferebee 9 hours ago

    @illianxo22 You would be wrong! I live a very positive and blessed life! A positive attitude has served me well!

  • @patferebee 8 hours ago

    @_marshab_ go sit and speak with him. You will be impressed. He doesn’t want leeches coming in. If you come and make a positive contribution, you are welcome! If you want a free ride..... stay out. If you don’r want to assimilate stay out. Come work, pay taxes, speak ENGLISH, follow the laws and respect the flag.... then you will be welcome! Look up what is involved in becoming a Mexican citizen. It is TOUGH!

  • @patferebee 8 hours ago

    @jeb5319 FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I challenge you to watch it for 1month. You will feel so informed, so thankful you live in America and will realize the lies ABC, NBC, CBS, MSMBC and CNN. You will thank me!!!

  • @jeb5319 8 hours ago

    @patferebee hahahahah ok you are a literal walking meme of ignorance

  • @patferebee 8 hours ago

    @jennabritt4 let obummer say what he wants. America saw what a liar he was. The destroyer of America! America’s biggest EMBARRASSMENT! He will be in prison before long! #lockhimup

  • @patferebee 8 hours ago

    @grannyjknapp obummer was a cussing fool. They talked about it on the news. Fake news covered it up because obummer was their god.

  • @grannyjknapp 7 hours ago

    @patferebee Thank you

  • @jennabritt4 6 hours ago

    @patferebee Americas biggest embarrassment? No that would be Trump. All he knows to do is disrespect others and swear on tv.

  • @vikki310 6 hours ago

    FOLKS are more upset at Trumps WORDS about HAITI, than The Clinton Foundation Stealing Millions of dollars from Haiti... GO FIGURE... the outrage is lead by the Fake Media

  • @cjgoodnurse 4 hours ago

    As a parent i remember how it felt to be stern. It was hard. I have a grandson that is very independent. My daughter got frustrated and her voice showed it. I entered the room and said just watch. I stood at the foot of his bed. I begin to tell him why he needed to go to sleep. It would make him feel better. He wrnt to sleep. My daughter was grateful for the lesson. My point of sayimg this is this; sometimes

  • @cjgoodnurse 4 hours ago

    You have to find the tone to reach the other person. Tone representing what they want and why they want it. If its just to cause pain or if its selfish. I believe the democrats just want to cause you pain and try to make you look incompetent. Hold your ground. I would love to have a bonus of $1000.00 which Pelosi called crumbs. Not all of us are millionaires. Sometimes we don't make it paycheck to paycheck. So keep up the great work. You are awesome. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • @lee.harris.2015 an hour ago

    @bm182220 Immigration affects the USA, NEGATIVELY!

  • @lee.harris.2015 an hour ago

    @lee.harris.2015 That's why they are desperate to keep the DACA myth Goin. Otherwise, no votes for them unless they pay people off like those immigrants illegals.