Hawaii emergency officials confirmed Saturday an alert that a ballistic missile was inbound to the island was a mistake. For more on this story, visit FoxNews.com.



  • @maryschlobohm yesterday

    Why didn’t anyone on the mainland hear about this immediately. Why didn’t T issue statement before it was discovered to be a mistake

  • @tldobbs111 yesterday

    @chels_sherman :: It’s ran by democrats, nough said ? If not, just look at Detroit, California, Chicago or any place in world, if it’s controlled by democrats, it is a complete train wreck !!!!!!! Let me put it this way, if it looks like Detroit, or any 3rd world country, it is indubitably and undoubtedly ran and controlled the by the thieving terrorist loving DEMOFASCISTRATS !!!!!!!

  • @acusickdc yesterday

    She’s a female version of Shep Smith

  • @john1982dog yesterday

    Hawaii is obviously run by libtards

  • @chels_sherman yesterday

    @tldobbs111 you have a point! And yes enough said knowing it's ran buy dumacrats for sure. Lord help us all.

  • @randyjimenez737 yesterday


  • @restart.saz.re_start yesterday

    Viva Trump, Viva hosseini

  • @restart.saz.re_start yesterday

    #restart_opposition loves Israel and Netanyahu

  • @restart.saz.re_start yesterday

    Please support seyed Mohammad hosseini

  • @patmompb yesterday

    @jay_72j aa

  • @patmompb yesterday

    @jay_72j the US soldiers are fighting in the middle East because when Obama pulled out Issis terrorised the area with their violence!! That was the truth seen by the world everyday for years. We are fighting to stop Issis cruelty.

  • @closertothcsun yesterday


  • @mcintoshfarmsok yesterday

    Love going to Hawaii, been there 9 times but most of them are a bunch of libtards........

  • @lynnevalentine54 yesterday

    Thank God it was false.

  • @enigmatical1 yesterday

    @beauchampkimberly and a few others. Loons

  • @joedeluna62 yesterday

    If this guy pressed the wrong bottom! Then what is the Right Bottom!

  • @jerryleecooper yesterday

    Big liberal state, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody did it on purpose to try and make the president look bad?

  • @4art_ortiz yesterday


  • @black_vigil yesterday

    Brain dead Liberal idiots run Hawaii this doesn't surprise me

  • @liane888 yesterday

    @anghelen63 He’s up for re-election and will probably lose. He’s a nice man but a weak leader.

  • @fuzzypinksocks 23 hours ago

    And Trump was golfing. Racist inept pervert.

  • @china_bringass 22 hours ago

    Our citizens and tourists in our country feared for their very lives and people here are making fun of them, finding it funny and taking jabs at their legitimate fear of an actual strike? This is disgraceful. How can you watch a child crawl into a storm drain for safety and mock them? We have 2 grown men in power taunting one another over the size of their nuclear buttons all while putting each of its citizens in danger, particularly our military. Of course THIS would make it much more terrifying. And its disappointing our president didnt use his usual "go to" tweets to speak to the terrified citizens and tourists of our country when he was alerted of the false alarm.

  • @nancy_m2008 19 hours ago

    Who sent the alarm out?

  • @flhtcbiker 17 hours ago

    Ok Fox News, can you please stop airing this story. It's old news now, it is over, someone made a mistake, get over it please. Move on to something new, please?

  • @timboater1 11 hours ago

    Hums is in Hawaii without a passport.... theory is someone hit the button to try to distract law enforcement to extract her out of the USA ... just a thought

  • @nolanyoung17 10 hours ago


  • @trenabelk 6 hours ago

    This is a STATE run program!!! Not a FEDERAL one!! Blame the liberals for the error and definitely blame them for the slow roll to correct it just like they are on everything else that's needed but being blamed on Trump. Tell me...PLEASE, how in God's name can you blame this on Trump????

  • @mnc4hi 2 hours ago

    @flyfishdeb absolutely