On "Fox & Friends," David Webb scoffed at liberals and Democrats aghast over President Donald J. Trump's language.



  • @elf_marks yesterday

    Or they'd say that Obama cured it but Trump delayed its discovery in order to take credit for it. ...the delusional left....

  • @brendabgsnow yesterday

    Thank you!

  • @brendabgsnow yesterday

    I’m a Deplorable!

  • @baseball_col yesterday

    What... just what is he talking about

  • @sohanmewada yesterday

    @davis_k32 oh my god!

  • @brendabgsnow yesterday

    Thanks for clarifying! MAGA

  • @mightypo yesterday


  • @cecil1234 yesterday

    Ol uncle David 🤥

  • @eryngreenfield yesterday

    So true #MAGA

  • @barry_huber yesterday

    Liberals are so sick minded

  • @rosevecchiarelli yesterday

    He's not afraid of anything!! He's here to help America!! Leave if u don't like it....

  • @stupidshouldbepainful 23 hours ago

    I reject the Privacy Act as unconstitutional and counterproductive.

  • @stupidshouldbepainful 23 hours ago

    I reject failure to investigate crimes by the corporation, used to undermine defense and cause wars.

  • @stupidshouldbepainful 23 hours ago

    I reject the obstruction of justice in favor of framing the public.

  • @stupidshouldbepainful 23 hours ago

    I reject Eli Lily and the horse they rode in on.

  • @stupidshouldbepainful 19 hours ago

    I reject failure to prosecute ecological warfare.

  • @ru_nellie 18 hours ago

    They attempt to make it hard for him. He’ll win with undeniable actions again their empty words.

  • @pharrise 17 hours ago

    So sick of hearing the left! 🤐

  • @cindyseamore 17 hours ago

    Sad but true. I'm very sad at how this country is destroying itself from within. The MSM is enemy number 1.

  • @randalllhorst 16 hours ago

    OUCH!! The left is such a mess!!!

  • @donna_posey_ 16 hours ago

    That's true!

  • @suemarzulli 16 hours ago

    At least they’re leaving Bush alone. So sad the left is the Resist party.

  • @leon_dodd 15 hours ago

    Thank you Mr. Webb, so sad, but, so true!

  • @springsteenndubuisi 14 hours ago

    That's great

  • @sharononstressgmail_ 12 hours ago

    Sad isn't it!

  • @airforceprusko 12 hours ago

    #isnt that the truth..... sad how people don't realized if our praise t fails we all failed.

  • @peteriddleskid 12 hours ago

    Trump IS a cancer

  • @gaylemommagigi 12 hours ago

    Haha! Seriously!

  • @gtmalahy 11 hours ago

    Stupid comment

  • @rydal_p19 9 hours ago

    True 😂

  • @rydal_p19 9 hours ago

    @peteriddleskid his comment isn’t wrong though

  • @rydal_p19 9 hours ago

    @gtmalahy he’s not wrong though

  • @gtmalahy 8 hours ago

    He could have used something different than cancer, its no joke wgen your a survivor like me😔

  • @kevindunlapblakerealestate 7 hours ago

    Uncle Tom

  • @jddahlheimer 3 hours ago


  • @loisfain 3 hours ago

    @kevindunlapblakerealestate what a hateful comment, mean-spirited for you to say!

  • @initskater 36 minutes ago

    Kinda like 911. Lol