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5 days ago
The Eagles were the first No. 1 seed ever to be an underdog in their first playoff game... and Lane Johnson had some fun with it. (via @thecheckdown)

Lincoln Financial Field



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  • @chase_naylor0 4 days ago

    Chris long was just crazy

  • @sauve9 4 days ago

    @rolanddeschain__ yo wear this next time you slay lol

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  • @gmyolo20 3 days ago

    Lit but eagles are gonna get crushed in the NFC Championship

  • @bobbyc.122 3 days ago

    @bewarmers annoying asf

  • @aaron_craine 3 days ago

    @gmyolo20 uhh people said the same about the game against the falcons

  • @aaron_craine 3 days ago

    @jorduno22 yea the fans and players are the only ones who thought we had a chance, the media and bookies had both written us off aswell as most non eagles fans. That's why we were the under dogs

  • @aaron_craine 3 days ago

    @jeromemillisock9574 you all thought the season woild be over after the falcons game. You haters are funny

  • @gmyolo20 3 days ago

    But Case Keenum is better

  • @gmyolo20 3 days ago

    Than Matt Ryan

  • @gmyolo20 3 days ago

    I am a Patriots fan

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    Right tackles are the best

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    @jake22snake need

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    ohh @addison_owens_

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    They’re not gonna beat Minnesota

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    At least it's not Vick

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    @baratucci ❤️❤️❤️

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    Good one

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    Is that chuck laughing in background ? @spop23 @kellymatt

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    @max.stobart bruh the fact that the mask looks small on him

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    @steffbcrra this is the answer to our question last Saturday lol

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    Vikings will eat that dog alive this weekend. 😂😂 😈😈

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