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6:06 AM Feb 13, 2018
Dwyane Wade talks about what went wrong in Cleveland.




  • @sncebn 6 days ago


  • @thomaswhiddon 6 days ago

    @isaiahthomas bum

  • @varxn 6 days ago

    Why is you always salty @isaiahthomas cause you got put on a bum as team while being backup?

  • @bebnny 6 days ago


  • @bebnny 6 days ago

    @isaiahthomas DO GREAT BRO 💪

  • @bebnny 6 days ago

    @n.decicco_58 lol

  • @mellhuncho 6 days ago

    Wade is the definition of leadership That man Is Humble

  • @chase.sikes 6 days ago

    @milesjholstein Jesus d wade lookin rough. Or is it just me??

  • @juhnluk 6 days ago

    I can respect that

  • @dkhickle 5 days ago

    @isaiahthomas better get back to brad Stevens somehow and save ur career

  • @aceqv15 5 days ago

    @chase.sikes better then you

  • @jp21___ 5 days ago

    @isaiahthomas brah why put a hunnid there if u wasn’t the reason granted d could been up more but I’m not going tell u cause I’m not nowhere near a professional but u was not the problem at all they going need come April I believe that to the fullest extent

  • @cmsmith247 5 days ago

    Class act!

  • @kxngvll 5 days ago

    @varxn sounds as if you the one that’s salty

  • @mikesievila 5 days ago

    Love D wade but does anyone else think the left jaw has gotten a little bit bigger? Like maybe tumor or some growth bigger? I hope I’m wrong

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  • @downpaymentbluess 5 days ago

    Wade looks tired. Needs to retire.

  • @justblaise23 5 days ago

    @isaiahthomas that’s not being 💯 was a much bigger issue than was a toxic situation where u guys couldn’t play together

  • @treyward76 5 days ago

    D wade is the best but he looks like he’s been in a boxing match and lost big time.

  • @kj.waller_ 5 days ago

    @isaiahthomas why y’all hating on Isaiah?

  • @d1.laay 5 days ago

    facts 🗣

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  • @donjcalderon 5 days ago

    @judecalderon @lefttehmarcc age is finally hitting wade

  • @lefttehmarcc 5 days ago

    @donjcalderon 😢😢

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  • @charibrooks 5 days ago

    He has one of the strongest jaw lines I’ve seen in my life

  • @ballsonmyfeet78 5 days ago

    @isaiahthomas hey

  • @yietoe 5 days ago

    Well said 💯

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    @charibrooks 😂😂😂😂

  • @amirrahmidan 4 days ago

    I miss you already

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    IT in here somewhere chirpin 😂

  • @rjabb62 yesterday

    What’s up with his face?

  • @schnock5 yesterday


  • @tanevensen yesterday

    @rjabb62 he ate a peanut and forgot his epipen